As noted on our homepage, the Madison is our “home water.” We specialize in guiding on this 140–mile riffle and know just about every fish personally – even some of the young ones growing up ready to warrant your attention. But, we and our clients like to break out now and then, so we serve several other blue–ribbon streams that each have distinctive characteristics that will keep you interested and on your toes.

Big Hole

This is a classic western trout stream loaded with structure, gravel bars and drop offs. Combine the great scenery with the big browns that it’s known for, then throw in the possibility of catching a grayling, and you’ll want to spend a day on the Big Hole.


The longest free–flowing river (undammed) in the lower 48 states, it’s famous for the Yellowstone cutthroat trout population, Montana’s only native trout. The Yellowstone river is a great dryfly fishery, and fishes well by wading or from a drift boat.


A tailwater fishery known for the huge brown trout cruising it’s clear waters. This river has some tremendous hatches and is by far is the most demanding water we fish. Small to very small flies and careful, quiet casting are the norm when wading or float fishing this productive river.


This small tailwater has an abundance of large to very large trout. Known for a series of great hatches, wily fish, and great habitat, it’s a great alternative for a day of local wade fishing away from the Madison valley. Be aware: it is very popular, but we know how to get you into some great fish in spite of the other folks.