April–May: This is spring fishing at its best in south western Montana. Rivers are low and clear, the weather is typically very mild with temps in the high 40's and low 50's. You can expect some great caddis fishing in early May. All of our rivers fish well with few competing fisherman.

Late June–Early July: After run off in early to mid June, we start thinking about the famous Salmonfly hatch on the Madison. The hatch lasts a couple of weeks and it doesn't get much better than this – you're casting #2 salmonfly dries against the banks, around rocks, and at the head of large breaks, waiting for the surface to explode with big heads in search of these big bugs.


July–August: Lots of 'fun & sun'. We fish caddis and golden stones on the surface through July, then, in August, it's hopper time. These are the two months when we spend most of our time casting dries.

September: Early September means beautiful weather and big attractor patterns on the surface. Later in the month, we start tossing nymphs and streamers along the banks.

October: This is one of our favorite months. The Madison is known for big aggressive brown trout, so if you like to strip streamers on the bank while fishing from a driftboat, this is as good as it gets. The weather is usually very good and you can expect lots of action.

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